Discover at Home online talks

Corinium Museum has launched a series of fortnightly Discover at Home online talks that will be of interest to Friends of Corinium Museum.

The first talk is on Thursday 11th March with best-selling historical author Ben Kane.

Please make sure you click on the picture, or link below to go to the Museum site, so that you can get your ticket, free to members (donations welcomed), or £5 for non-members.

with Ben Kane

Thursday 11th March at 7pm

Join Ben Kane as he discusses his latest series of books that take the reader on an incredible journey in to the worls of the Crusaders and the challenges faced by Richard the Lionheart.

with Caroline Nicolay

Thursday 25th March at 7pm.

Join Caroline Nicolay from Pario Gallico, as she takes you on a culinary journey back to the Roman period. Drawing on object evidence and ancient recipes, which she has perfected through experimental archaeology, this talk will uncover the food eaten by Romans in Britain.

with Thomas Timbrell

Thursday 8th April at 7pm.

Join Thomas Timbrell to explore the art and craft of Iron Age blacksmithing. Tom will highlight archaeological ironwork uncovered in Britain including selected objects from Corinium Museum's collections and objects from southern Britain

with Equistry

Thursday 22nd April at 7pm.

Equistry brings Roman cavalry out of the ground and into life. An introduction to experimental archaeology, we will test the armour, weaponry and tack against the historical record through the lens of re-enactment. Join us for a fun and informative look at horses and history.