How You Can Help


A Friend can do more than pay a subscription. A welcome is offered to anyone who wishes to give their time, or talents, expertise or interest towards furthering the work of the Corinium Museum. Why not make your contribution now towards the huge task of maintaining our heritage for posterity?

Our Friends group supports the work and objectives of the museum. They help with fundraising for special events, acquisition of new artefacts and they also help to raise public awareness of the museum.

Corinium Volunteer Makers are a unique team of individuals of all ages, groups and organisations working together with Corinium Museum to help us to collect, preserve, and interpret our collections.


Whether you have joined the Friends of the Corinium Museum or not, you can still provide direct financial support through a donation.

Fundraising donations help the Friends and the Corinium Museum support particular events or projects of the Museum, such as the development of the new "Stone Age to Corinium' gallery.

Acquisitions donations help us to build up funds to help the museum purchase artefacts to go on display in the museum.

To make a donation please contact the Friends Membership Secretary at the Museum by email or by phone.


If you have been inspired by the work of the Museum we'd like you to consider leaving a donation in your Will. If this is the case, please take the time to make your wishes known through your family solicitor and let us know also that is what you've decided.