On these pages you'll find some of the artefacts that the Friends have helped acquire for the museum. Donations help us build funds so we are in a position to help the museum buy precious objects for the museum.

Going for Gold Appeal

Poulton Gold Hoard

The ‘Going for Gold’ appeal enabled the museum to raise £3,000 in public donations and secure a further £17,000 in grants from various funding bodies, which enabled us to purchase a rare Bronze Age hoard, dating between 1300-1100 BC, which became available via the Treasure Act.

This hoard, discovered locally, consists of 59 items including fragments of torcs, finger-rings and bracelets, rings, sheet gold-work and the top of a bronze spearhead. Three of the bronze objects may have been tools used to apply decoration to gold objects and there is an unusually large bronze knife suitable for cutting up the gold suggesting the hoard was a smith’s stock-in-trade. The objects were found scattered but were probably a hoard that was later dispersed by ploughing.

This collection is now ready to view in the new Stone Age to Corinium galleries.

The Poulton Gold Hoard

Adopt a Coin Campaign

Tetbury Coin Hoard

The Friends of Corinium Museum helped to raise funds to conserve and display the Tetbury coin hoard. Discovered by a metal detectorist in 2010 and generously donated to the museum, the Tetbury Hoard consists of approximately 1500 coins dating from AD 260s – 280s.

Donations were made via a BmyCharity online charity page and through a marketing campaign including leaflets, social media and press coverage. Donors received a certificate detailing their coin, a photograph of their coin pre-conservation, their name added to the list of donors and an update once the coin had been conserved prior to display.

We received online donations from people in Austria, USA, Australia, France, South Africa and Canada!

Tetbury Coin Hoard
1500 coins dating from AD 260 to 280

Acquisition of artefacts supported by the Friends for the Museum include

Sword Pommel

New artefact coming soon

Bodicacia Roman tombstone

We supported the conservation and mounting of the Bodicacia Roman tombstone, now on display in the new Stone Age to Corinium Galleries.

Bodicacia Roman tombstone